What is an Outsourced Legal Counsel?

An Outsourced Legal Counsel is an attorney with particular experience and knowledge that can help your company on an as-needed basis.

Why would my company use an Outsourced Technology Attorney?

  • You do not have enough constant or predictable work to warrant hiring a full-time in-house attorney or retaining a large law firm
  • Your current legal needs require immediate attention, and your Legal Department is not capable of handling
  • Your legal budget can only support completing certain legal needs
  • The work you have requires particular knowledge with respect to IP, Technology or Internet law issues

Who is Traverse?

  • Traverse is a national law firm, with a particular focus on IP, Technology and Internet Law issues, including both transactional and litigation matters
  • We offer experienced attorneys with technology backgrounds and particular knowledge of the related laws
  • We currently have attorneys and offices in Texas, Michigan and California, but we have represented clients throughout the world

Why Traverse?

  • We have represented clients throughout the country for more than a decade, which means we’ve likely represented clients just like you with needs just like yours
  • We provide practical, business-focused advice based upon our experience, having handled countless transactions and litigation matters involving IP, Technology and Internet law issues
  • We likely know the answer, but if we do not, we know where to go to find it quickly so we can provide you our advice and strategic recommendations
  • We use proprietary technology to make our representation of your more transparent and efficient

How can my company use Traverse?

  • We can provide On-Demand legal counseling in the areas of IP, Technology and Internet law, all while working within your defined budget
  • Let us serve as or complement your General Counsel or In-House Counsel
  • We can place attorneys in-house on an as-needed basis in order to help your Legal Department and company (i.e. Secondment)